Tokyo Disneyland Halloween

Clearly, this is a little late - haha, but I wanted to share it.  My friend Tom Rau did a crazy great job arranging the songs. My song starts at about 7:30. What I love about this video is the long pre-show warm up and being able to see how much the guests join in the fun.

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Sofia the First Commercial

A commercial that I did a few months ago is airing now.  The most fun part of this spot is that I got to work with one of my favorite singers, my daughter. Her first profession gig.  WOW!

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Disneyland Paris Halloween Harvest Parade

The parade opened in Paris over the weekend.  Initial reports seem positive.  I’ve received several emails via my website letting me know how much fans are enjoying it. I’d love to hear from anyone else who gets the chance to see the show.  Here’s a fun video posted by Matthias Degryse.  Thanks, Matthias!  And, thank you again to my song writing partners and […]

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Tokyo Disney Natsu Matsuri 2013

Tokyo Disney Natsu Matsuri 2013 is up and running.  The song I wrote, Burn It Up, Donald Duck, starts in this clip at 6:38.  The other song was written by Gordon Goodwin. Always good to have your music next to Gordon’s. He makes everyone sound better!

Thanks to Donadona Sea for posting this!

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Maria video – Alexander Acha

After almost two years Alexander is still pumping out videos for the record.  This is a particularly beautiful song that he wrote called ‘Maria.’  The amazing Ramon Stagnero is featured on nylon acoustic guitar.

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Alexander Acha promo video

This week, Warner Music debuted a new promo video for Alexander Acha.  It’s hard to believe we finished this record a couple years ago and it’s still going!

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Angelina Ballerina song

A couple years ago I was asked to write several songs for the Angelina Ballerina, The Next Steps series.  This was an updated show based on the award winning books and the original 2D series.  It was loads of fun.  I just came across this video.  This was the first song I wrote for them.  Watching animation with my song always makes me smile.  Enjoy….

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Toybox Playhouse at Tokyo Disney Sea

Hi all…..this post is a few months late.

Last year I was asked to arrange and produce the songs for the Mister Potato Head character at Tokyo Disney Sea’s new Toy Story Mania attraction.  In the end, I wrote the piano underscore as well.  It was a lot of fun working with my good friend Raul Fernandez on this project.  He wrote all of the songs […]

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TDL Halloween Opens

It’s hard to believe that we’re close enough to Halloween to have a parade starting, but, it’s true.  Tokyo Disneyland Halloween Parade 2012 opened this past Friday night.  As always, it was a blast working with my TDL friends and such fun to work with Justin Avery on his song.  Thanks to rskm0422 for posting this video!

Happy Halloween!

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Tokyo Disneyland Natsu Matsuri Opens

The show/shows this year are a new concept.  It’s a dance competition between the characters that takes place over 3 or 4 different shows in front of the castle during the day with the finale show at night.  I wrote a Polynesian themed song called ‘Splash Paradise’ that is used in one of the daytime shows and appears in the evening show as well.  I […]

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Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary Celebration Train

Disneyland Paris has just begun celebrating their 20th Anniversary.  There are a couple new songs at the park.  One of them I wrote with my friend Valerie Vigoda.  It’s being used for the character train the goes down Main Street to the Castle several times each day for a character meet and greet.  Thanks to dlrpmagicvideo for posting it!  Yes, those are my […]

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Easter at Tokyo Disneyland

It’s Easter again at Tokyo Disneyland!  This is the second year of this parade.  Last year, this is that parade that re-opened the park after the tragic earthquake in Japan.  Thank you to chacha3rei8 for posting this great video.

Happy Easter everyone!

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