Disney Natsu Matsuri 2013

I’ve been working on several projects recently.  Among the most fun, always, is reconnecting with my friends in Tokyo.  A few weeks ago we recorded updates for Disney Natsu Matsuri 2013.  The song I wrote is called ‘Burn It Up, Donald Duck.’  Last year I was wrote the song for Donald as well.  This year they decided to give him so new dance moves.  Check […]

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Seabourn Quest Shows Up and Running


In review – 2012 was a crazy year.  So many fun projects and a pile of shows for Seabourn and Holland America.  In mid December, I visited the Seabourn Quest for almost a week.  The shows are looking great.  The cast is a talented group led by the lovely Loula Geater and the tech staff on board is top notch. I am grateful […]

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TDL Halloween Recording

Wow – time flies.  We recorded the TDL Halloween Parade in the middle of July and I’m just having a moment to post.  It was a fun few days with my friends from Tokyo and Florida.  The parade features a couple new songs.  The show mode song I wrote and the parade song was written by my good friend Justin Avery.

As usual, it was a […]

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Disneyland Paris

My visit to Paris was brief but great!  After a morning of running around shopping for gifts and trying to get in as much Paris as possible in 6 hours (hahaha!)  I headed out to Disneyland Paris.  After all of these years and all of the shows I’ve been able to write and/or arrange for the Disney parks, I finally got to experience some of […]

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Release, Release, Release

It’s a big day in Mexico!  Well, for me anyway.  Alexander Acha, Marconi and Guadalupe Pineda are all finally on the market.  Hopefully, someone will buy a copy or two!  Hey, maybe even start a “Gringo Boy Production” collection – lol.  Really, who would have thought that a gringo boy from Seattle would get to work with all of this great Latin talent?!  I hope […]

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Alexander Acha and Emmanuel

During the recording of Alexander’s record his father, Emmanuel, the Latin superstar, came by for a visit.  We had  a great day listening through much of the record and sharing stories.  Yoel Enriquez also joined us for part of the day.  Yoel co-wrote a few of the songs on the record […]

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Steve Lawrence

Scott and Steve Lawerence

Steve Lawrence was over today recording a vocal for a new album.  Ron Dante came up with this project and we’re working on at least one song if not more if my schedule allows.  What a thrill to meet such a talented guy and […]

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