Angelica Vale

I’ve been asked to do an album for Angelica Vale.  She is a Mexican actress, comedienne and singer. The album is a tribute to her mother, Angelica Maria who has been extremely well known as an actress and singer in Mexico and Latin America since the early ’60’s.  The songs are beautiful and I’m looking forward to working with Angelica next week as […]

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Busy, Busy, Busy

Well, just when I can say that it couldn’t get any busier, the phone rings again.  I’m very fortunate to be able to work on so many great projects all at once.

Holland America keeps chugging along.  Three shows that are scheduled to debut on the MS Westerdam in early May.
Tokyo Disneyland – busy working on the new summer splash show that I have written a […]

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Another album for Warner Mexico.  This is a group of 4 guys.  Young, good looking and they all sing great!  We’re doing an album of covers to introduce them.  The songs are were all big hits but the artists that recorded them have all faded into the vague recesses of people’s memories.  It’s really exciting to be working with another young group.  More as the […]

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Happy (Belated) New Year!

Happy New Year – a little late!

The Holidays were absolutely crazy.  It’s nice to have the past couple months behind me and begin looking forward to an exciting 2011.

Warner Mexico

I have been asked to produce another record for Warner.  This one is a group of four young male singers.  In many ways similar to Il Divo, but younger and a bit more pop.  The