Tokyo Disney Sea Tip Top Easter

Happy Easter everyone. This show opened a couple of weeks ago at Tokyo Disney Sea. There were some issues with YouTube publishing the audio and it is finally allowing fans to post full videos of the show. What a blast to work on this show. It’s so creative, fun and original. Great song contributions by my friends Joshua Spracht and Rick McKee as well as […]

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Tokyo Disneyland Easter 2015

Spring has sprung again which means it’s time for the Easter Parade at Tokyo Disneyland. We used my song again this year for the parade and I arranged a new version of the show mode that features a new song by the talented Adam Gubman. Easter has become one of, if not the biggest, special event of the year at the park. Thanks to […]

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Toybox Playhouse at Tokyo Disney Sea

Hi all…..this post is a few months late.

Last year I was asked to arrange and produce the songs for the Mister Potato Head character at Tokyo Disney Sea’s new Toy Story Mania attraction.  In the end, I wrote the piano underscore as well.  It was a lot of fun working with my good friend Raul Fernandez on this project.  He wrote all of the songs […]

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TDL Halloween Opens

It’s hard to believe that we’re close enough to Halloween to have a parade starting, but, it’s true.  Tokyo Disneyland Halloween Parade 2012 opened this past Friday night.  As always, it was a blast working with my TDL friends and such fun to work with Justin Avery on his song.  Thanks to rskm0422 for posting this video!

Happy Halloween!

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TDL Halloween Recording

Wow – time flies.  We recorded the TDL Halloween Parade in the middle of July and I’m just having a moment to post.  It was a fun few days with my friends from Tokyo and Florida.  The parade features a couple new songs.  The show mode song I wrote and the parade song was written by my good friend Justin Avery.

As usual, it was a […]

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Tokyo Disneyland Natsu Matsuri Opens

The show/shows this year are a new concept.  It’s a dance competition between the characters that takes place over 3 or 4 different shows in front of the castle during the day with the finale show at night.  I wrote a Polynesian themed song called ‘Splash Paradise’ that is used in one of the daytime shows and appears in the evening show as well.  I […]

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It’s a Disney September!

The summer was pretty quiet, which I enjoyed.  I got to have a nice summer break with the family and enjoy time with the kids in the pool and take a couple trips.  But, now, the rest of the family is back to school and I’m back to work.

Currently, I have six projects for four different divisions of Disney.  In true Disney style, I can’t […]

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Tokyo Disney Reopens with Easter Parade

TDL reopened yesterday after more than a month. I’m told that many guests found their places to enjoy our updated version of the Easter Parade and there was cheering and a collective sense of joy and returning to sonar sense of normal even as the nuclear situation is unresolved. What a privilege to be able to have a small role […]

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ARASHI at Tokyo Disney Sea

Now that that TV special has aired I can say that I was proud to have the opportunity to do this version of When You Wish Upon A Star for the Japanese super group Arashi. In the United States we don’t know them very well, but when I told my Japanese friends to were SO excited. It was really exciting and an […]

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Tokyo Disneyland Update

I’ve been in frequent touch with my friends at Tokyo Disney. They’re working hard to get the park re-opened after the terrible earthquake and subsequent tsunami.

Part of the preparation includes rehearsals for the updated Easter Parade. I’m told that it’s really fun and exciting and they can’t wait to share it with the guests as soon as possible!

Also, I was asked to […]

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Tsunami in Japan

It’s been a busy few days contacting and touching base with all of my friends and colleagues in Japan.
Everyone, thankfully, is OK, save for some shattered nerves and broken glasses in the kitchen.  Our thoughts are with all the families in the Northern part of the country who didn’t fare as well.  I remember well the Northridge quake in 1994 that launched me out of […]

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Tokyo Disneyland Easter 2011 Recording

We just finished a few days of recording for Tokyo Dinseyland’s Easter Parade 2011.  We had a couple great days again at Schnee Studio.  We recorded brass, strings and french horns.  After that, we came back to my studio to add sound effects and finalize some production decisions.  The show opens April 1 […]

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Happy (Belated) New Year!

Happy New Year – a little late!

The Holidays were absolutely crazy.  It’s nice to have the past couple months behind me and begin looking forward to an exciting 2011.

Warner Mexico

I have been asked to produce another record for Warner.  This one is a group of four young male singers.  In many ways similar to Il Divo, but younger and a bit more pop.  The […]

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Tokyo Disney Sea ‘Bon Fire Dance’ Show Returns

In early 2007 I wrote and arranged a show for Tokyo Disney Sea called ‘Bon Fire.’  The opening song ‘Dance the Night Away’ was written by my good friend Jonathan Barr.  It’s always a blast to get to work with one of his songs!  The show was supposed to run for one year as most shows do.  They have re-mounted the […]

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