Tokyo Disney Easter Update

TDL Easter Wonderland

The creative director for Tokyo Disney told me on a conference call that the Easter Wonderland Parade is one of their most successful shows ever.  It’s on the verge of overtaking Halloween which, for the past 10 years has been their most popular event.  What a thrill to be a small part of this great success for them. […]

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Yuri’s New Single, Mijares and Disney Projects

It’s been a crazy busy week.  I’m gearing up to start a couple new records that I’ll post about as they get underway.

Mijares’ Vivir Así Volumen II is still right in the middle of the top ten.  Today marks our 6th week on the charts, right up there with Miguel Bosé, Juan Gabriel, Thalia and Camila.  Not bad company!


Disney Projects

Work this […]

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Yuri Mix #1 Is Finished

Just left finalizing the mix for the first track on Yuri’s record. All I can say is ‘wow!’ Rafa Sardina is such a fantastic mixer and a great guy. We’re so lucky to be working with him.

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, finishing guitars with Tom Pierce. Always a treat!

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Mijares Remains at #5

For the 2nd week of it’s release, Mijares’ Vivir Así VOL II remains in the #5 slot and is still going strong! Here’s a link to the charts in case you’re curious. We begin mixing Yuri’s record tomorrow. Looking forward to having it finished and moving on to the next record. I have two more records in the pipeline. As soon […]

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Yuri Vocal Recording is Finished!

After a couple weeks, we’ve finally finished recording vocals.  Alejandro Abaroa (Warner Mexico) co-produced the vocals with me.  We got most of them done during the week I was in Mexico, but there were a couple left to finish and Alex did them this week while I was in LA finishing […]

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Yuri Recording With Lee Sklar

Scott Erickson and Lee Sklar Scott and Lee Sklar

We finished recording bass for Yuri’s record yesterday. Lee Sklar is hands down my favorite bass player – I don’t think there’s ever been a more melodic or tasteful player! Thanks, Lee, for always offering to share your immense talent […]

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