Tokyo Disney Sea Tip Top Easter

Happy Easter everyone. This show opened a couple of weeks ago at Tokyo Disney Sea. There were some issues with YouTube publishing the audio and it is finally allowing fans to post full videos of the show. What a blast to work on this show. It’s so creative, fun and original. Great song contributions by my friends Joshua Spracht and Rick McKee as well as […]

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Tokyo Disneyland Halloween

Clearly, this is a little late - haha, but I wanted to share it.  My friend Tom Rau did a crazy great job arranging the songs. My song starts at about 7:30. What I love about this video is the long pre-show warm up and being able to see how much the guests join in the fun.

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I was looking on for a video and came across this. The music is adapted from a Princess Parade that I wrote many years ago. One of the songs is mine and the other was written by my good friend Marty Panzer and the late great Don Grady. They gave me the blessing to write additional music for their song and I am forever grateful. […]

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Countdown to Tokyo Disneyland Halloween 2016

I was asked to write a song for the new TDL Halloween Parade. This parade was arranged by a friend in Orlando. I can’t wait to hear how it turned out.

Another major theme park in the world will have two new Halloween songs from me this year as well. Stay tuned to find out where it is.

Let the countdown begin….

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Tokyo Disneyland Easter 2015

Spring has sprung again which means it’s time for the Easter Parade at Tokyo Disneyland. We used my song again this year for the parade and I arranged a new version of the show mode that features a new song by the talented Adam Gubman. Easter has become one of, if not the biggest, special event of the year at the park. Thanks to […]

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A Lot Exciting Projects Going On!

It’s been an interesting and fast paced few months which is why I haven’t posted. Fun things coming up……

Tokyo Disney Easter 2015 – We revised some of the music and recorded it a few weeks ago. It will be a fun update the show.

Disneyland Paris – Spring will soon be in the air again. One of my songs has been updated and used for a […]

Tokyo Disney Natsu Matsuri 2013

Tokyo Disney Natsu Matsuri 2013 is up and running.  The song I wrote, Burn It Up, Donald Duck, starts in this clip at 6:38.  The other song was written by Gordon Goodwin. Always good to have your music next to Gordon’s. He makes everyone sound better!

Thanks to Donadona Sea for posting this!

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TDL Halloween Opens

It’s hard to believe that we’re close enough to Halloween to have a parade starting, but, it’s true.  Tokyo Disneyland Halloween Parade 2012 opened this past Friday night.  As always, it was a blast working with my TDL friends and such fun to work with Justin Avery on his song.  Thanks to rskm0422 for posting this video!

Happy Halloween!

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