Mijares and Cristian Castro sing ‘No Podras’

On Mijares Vivir Asî Vol II, we recorded a new version of a song called ‘No Podras.’  The song was written by Alex Zepeda (who wrote two new songs for Yuri’s record).  ‘No Podras’ was a huge hit for Cristian in it’s first release.  I am told the new version is getting lots of attention in Mêxico.  A couple weeks […]

2013-11-24T14:49:28-08:00October 25th, 2010|Mijares|

Mijares Remains at #5

For the 2nd week of it’s release, Mijares’ Vivir Así VOL II remains in the #5 slot and is still going strong! Here’s a link to the charts in case you’re curious. Mixup.com. We begin mixing Yuri’s record tomorrow. Looking forward to having it finished and moving on to the next record. I have two more records in the pipeline. As soon […]

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