Mijares and Cristian Castro sing ‘No Podras’

On Mijares Vivir Asî Vol II, we recorded a new version of a song called ‘No Podras.’  The song was written by Alex Zepeda (who wrote two new songs for Yuri’s record).  ‘No Podras’ was a huge hit for Cristian in it’s first release.  I am told the new version is getting lots of attention in Mêxico.  A couple weeks […]

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Mijares Remains at #5

For the 2nd week of it’s release, Mijares’ Vivir Así VOL II remains in the #5 slot and is still going strong! Here’s a link to the charts in case you’re curious. Mixup.com. We begin mixing Yuri’s record tomorrow. Looking forward to having it finished and moving on to the next record. I have two more records in the pipeline. As soon […]

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Mijares Vivir Asi Vol II is mixed, mastered and at the plant.

Mijares Vivir Asi Vol II is mixed, mastered and at the plant. Unlike the first album that was released first in Latin America and then world-wide a few weeks later, this one will be released world-wide April 13, 2010. Once again, Tim Pierce carried a lot of creative load in helping to reshape some of these Latin hits. Charlie Morgan […]

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