Happy New Year!!!!!

The holidays are always crazy around our house and this year was no exception!   Here’s a quick update.


Holland America Line

Currently, I’m working on three shows for them (15 songs each – wow!).  The people I collaborate with are great and a lot of fun.  It’s looking like this could be a relationship that continues for a quite a while and will require quite a […]

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Marconi update

We’re hard at work finishing the mixing of Marconi’s album. Their single is to be released next week and the album at the end of May. I’ll post the single as soon as Warner gives me permission. Can’t wait to share it!

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Marconi Vocals

The Marconi boys are in LA recording the vocals for their record. They are seriously talented and really great to work with. We start mixing in a couple days to get it completed and turned in on time. It’s going to be a terrific record and will be out in late May. Can’t wait!

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