Happy 2018!!!!

Happy New Year. Continuing the 25th Anniversary Celebration, Disneyland Paris did a New Year’s Eve fireworks celebration to a medley of my songs. I’ve always wanted to do a fireworks show. This is an awfully good start. Enjoy reliving the countdown into 2018 and hope is a great one for us all!

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It’s Christmas in Paris

Today, Disneyland Paris debuted an updated Christmas Parade with a brand new song that I wrote for them. The team that helped me assemble this song in fairly short order was simply amazing. They’re all good friends and some of the most talented people in the music business. In no particular order: Michael C. Ross, Randy Crenshaw and his always amazing singers, Dorian Holley, Tiffany […]

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Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary Grand Celebration

On April 12, Disneyland Paris delivered a truly unique and special show to celebrate their 25th Anniversary.

I was so lucky to be asked to be a part of it and will forever be grateful to my overly talented team of musicians, singers, orchestrators, music prep folks and especially Vasile Sirli at the park for expertly guiding the process. Put some popcorn in the microwave and […]

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Disneyland Paris 25th Anniversary

Since July, I’ve been working on two shows for the 25th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris. The first is a special event for April 12 and the second is a castle stage show called “Mickey presents: “Happy Anniversary Disneyland® Paris” “. For these two shows combined, I have written 13 new songs. We are finishing the final mixes for April 12 and the Happy Birthday show […]

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