Maria video – Alexander Acha

After almost two years Alexander is still pumping out videos for the record.  This is a particularly beautiful song that he wrote called ‘Maria.’  The amazing Ramon Stagnero is featured on nylon acoustic guitar.

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Alexander Acha promo video

This week, Warner Music debuted a new promo video for Alexander Acha.  It’s hard to believe we finished this record a couple years ago and it’s still going!

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Alexander Acha – Certified Gold!

‘La Vida Es’ was certified gold at a ceremony and press conference in Mexico City yesterday.  I spoke with Alexander last night and he was thrilled.  The single ‘Amiga’ remains in the top 5 nationwide in Mexico and they are discussing the next single to continue to support the record.  The album is schedule for international release in the US and beyond this fall.  I […]

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