Today, Disneyland Paris debuted an updated Christmas Parade with a brand new song that I wrote for them. The team that helped me assemble this song in fairly short order was simply amazing. They’re all good friends and some of the most talented people in the music business. In no particular order: Michael C. Ross, Randy Crenshaw and his always amazing singers, Dorian Holley, Tiffany Palmer, Tim Pierce, Leland Sklar, Charlie Morgan, Nick Fryman, David Siegel, Phil Feo, and, of course, John, Vasile, Emmanuel, Estelle, Michael, Marushka, Maria and everyone else in Paris.I’m grateful to each of you for your unending talent and friendship! (See, it takes A LOT of people to make this stuff happen!)

I’m really proud of this one and it says everything that I hope for all of us. Happy Holidays, Everyone!!!!!