It is a sad day in the vocal world. I just learned that my friend, Tim Hauser of The Manhattan Transfer, passed away today.

Before I moved to Los Angeles, I began courting The Manhattan Transfer as a possible source of employment. Being an ardent fan for many years, it was thrilling as this part of my professional life began and I was able to work with them as an assistant in their office beginning the fall of 1992. We all became good friends and had a lot of laughs.

Before the beginning of their summer tour in 1993 Tim approached me and asked me if I’d like to do a vocal arrangement of King Pleasure’s ‘The Blues I Like To Hear’ for an addition to their song list. Of course I jumped at it and worked diligently. Tim came over to our apartment and sat next to me as we studied the song and started putting it together. The first time I got to hear them sing it was in Stuttgart, Germany. They used the song as an encore. I was standing on my seat cheering as loud as I could. Everyone around me thought I was a little nuts (I probably am). Little did they know (or care) that I got to write that chart with Tim (and a little help from Janis). It was a thrilling night!

Later on that summer tour, on a night off, Tim and I took a train from Nice, France to Monaco. We had drinks at the Grand Casino, found a great Italian restaurant for dinner, walked around the Marina and talked about the music industry and the record business. It was truly and unforgettable night for a young aspiring musician.

Dozens of more stories flood to mind, but, for now…..

Tim…… Rest in peace my friend. We will miss having you in the world and we are all better for knowing you and El Dorado Caddy! Cheers!