Over the past weekend, two different shows that I worked on opened on opposite sides of the globe. First up today, Disneyland Paris Spring Promendae. What a fun show this was to work on and I finally was able to realize a profession goal of working with the great Bruce Healey at Disneyland. I’ve been joking that it took me 15 years of work to produce Barry Manilow and 22 years to work with Bruce. What an amazing talent and wealth of knowledge about this great company. For this show, I arranged and produced all of the versions of the Spring Fever song and did a little bit of adapting some of these great Mary Poppins songs that Bruce arranged a few years ago. I thought this video with four different camera views is fun since the show takes place all around the hub. Thanks to dlrpfans for this!

Happy Spring everyone – tomorrow – Tokyo Disney Easter!