Tim Hauser

It is a sad day in the vocal world. I just learned that my friend, Tim Hauser of The Manhattan Transfer, passed away today.

Before I moved to Los Angeles, I began courting The Manhattan Transfer as a possible source of employment. Being an ardent fan for many years, it was thrilling as this part of my professional life began and I was able to work with […]

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Disneyland Paris Halloween Harvest 2014

Disneyland Paris’ Halloween Harvest is back. There is a new float this year and new pre show music. The pre show music is a throwback version of Shine On Harvest Moon that was a blast to record with the great Randy Crenshaw and my fabulous studio guys. Thanks also to DLP Welcome for the great video!

Happy Halloween!

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Tokyo DIsneyland Natsu Matsuri 2014

This is the third year (I think) of this summer show at TDL. I’ve been lucky to have been asked to participate every year so far and, as always, it’s a blast working with my friends in Tokyo. A special thank you for this song goes to my great Japanese friend and translator (you know who you are!) for the tremendous help in coming up […]

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Tokyo Disney Easter 2014 part 2

One of the wonderful aspects of the parades and events at Tokyo Disney is the amazing amount of guest participation and involvement. I often tell people about the videos that Disney posts on the internet in Japan with the guest participation elements of each show. Guests watch these videos and learn the dances. In addition, they teach the elements of the ‘dance’ in the pre […]

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Tokyo Disney Easter 2014

I have been remiss about posting about our 2014 Easter Parade at Tokyo Disneyland. The bonus of waiting is that there are some wonderful videos available. Thank you to Duffy Channel for all of the time you spent making this video. As always, working with my friends in Tokyo is a highlight of every year. I wrote the ‘Bunny Wonderland’ song and arranged the […]

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