My visit to Paris was brief but great!  After a morning of running around shopping for gifts and trying to get in as much Paris as possible in 6 hours (hahaha!)  I headed out to Disneyland Paris.  After all of these years and all of the shows I’ve been able to write and/or arrange for the Disney parks, I finally got to experience some of it in the park.  What a blast!  The experience was especially moving since our song, ‘Do You Believe’ opens with my children talking and singing.

It was a great day at the park visiting the cast, doing interviews and catching up with friends.  I owe a great thanks to my dear friend and Disneyland Paris show director, Christophe Leclerq, for taking the day to show me around and then inviting me to his home for a lovely evening of catching up and swapping stories.  It was a rare treat to finally meet the creative teams that I have worked with over the miles for years.

Here’s a picture backstage with the characters and cast.  A truly ‘magical’ day!