Happy New Year – a little late!

The Holidays were absolutely crazy.  It’s nice to have the past couple months behind me and begin looking forward to an exciting 2011.

Warner Mexico

I have been asked to produce another record for Warner.  This one is a group of four young male singers.  In many ways similar to Il Divo, but younger and a bit more pop.  The rush is on.  We need to turn it in mid-March.  I’ve already called Charlie and Tim and they’re ready to go.  We did two songs at the end of 2010 as ‘demos’ to show the label.  The boys sing great and look great.  I’m pretty sure this will connect with a lot of people.  Cristina is busy getting charts together so I can jump right in tomorrow morning.  I’ll write and update as often as I can.

Alexander Acha

After reviewing mixes and putting finishing touches on the