Zendaya on Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade

Happy Thanksgiving! With more than 3 million views of the video on YouTube, Zendaya is doing great with Dig Down Deeper. Make sure to catch her performing the song on the Macys Thanksgiving Day parade. Im thrilled that something I produced and am so proud of will be showcased in this venue!

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Zendaya in the studio…..

At our last vocal session, Tiger Beat magazine was there to interview Zendaya and shoot a little behind the scenes.  I was shocked to find out that Tiger Beat is still around.  As a kid, back in the ’70’s I used to buy Tiger Beat at the grocery store and read about Donny and Marie, Shaun Cassidy, John Travolta and […]

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Disney Parks – Together As One campaign

Among the various Disney projects I’ve been working on for the past several weeks is another for Worldwide Marketing.  I was asked to edit a big pile of versions of the One Republic song ‘Good Life.’  While it seemed a simple enough task at the outset, we got the tracks from the band and did very custom edits for the TV spots and all of […]

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