Happy Thanksgiving!  The past few months have been the busiest I’ve ever experienced and, thanks to the holiday, I finally have a couple minutes to update……

Alexander Acha

We are finally finished recording Alexander’s record and it is sensational.  It has been a true labor of love and was the best collaborative experience of my career.  He was with me in LA for 6 weeks working nearly every day.  Through it all we had family visits from my family and his family.  One of my family members had emergency surgery and we celebrated birthdays for my entire family.  In addition, tragically, one of our background singers, Bambi Jones, passed away 4 days after our session together.  All in all it was quite and experience getting this record made.  This week we start mixing with Rafa Sardina so, hopefully, we’ll be finished by Christmas!

Guadalupe Pineda

Guadalupe was extremely patient during the making of Alexander’s record.  We are now back in full swing and she comes to LA on Monday to begin singing.  With any luck, we will have her record finished by Christmas as well.  She is an immense talent and a real lady.  The songs she has chosen are wonderful and I can’t wait to hear her sing them.  More to come as we continue.

English Egg

The English Egg vocals were recorded in New York over the past few weeks.  I will post more and add some links as soon as they are available.  It was a great project and a real honor to be included in this great project for children.


I have also been working on songs for some upcoming Disney releases including a couple Tinkerbell films.  The songwriters are Brandon Milburn and Vallerie Vigoda who have written songs for the other Tinkerbell movies.  They are extremely talented and really fun to work with.  I’ve been able to spend some great time inventing arrangement ideas with my great friend and Disney music exec Matt Walker.  It’s always a treat to work with Disney Toon Studios.  I’ve been working with them for nearly 10 years now and, hopefully, it will continue for many years to come.

That’s the big news that’s been keeping me tied up for the past few months.  Several exciting projects on the horizon that I’ll share as soon as possible