The next big project is a record for Alexander Acha!  I am really excited about this one.  Alexander is another Warner Mexico artist.  This is the follow-up to his double platinum debut album.  We’ve met a couple times and started on the record a few weeks ago.  The songs are really interesting (he wrote them) and we’re trying some creative production and collaboration that is a blast.  The best part of the process is that Warner is sending Alexander to L.A. for a month to work with me.  Such a rare treat to have the time to collaborate and create together.  I can’t wait!

Alexander has a great pedigree for this business.  His father is the Latin Superstar Emmanuel.  I had the good luck to meet him at a surprise birthday party that was thrown for him while I happened to be in Mexico recording Yuri’s vocals.  Fun Latin music trivia:  Mijares used to sing background vocals for Emmanuel in the 80’s!  It really is a small business!

If you don’t know of Alexander, check him out!

Alexander Acha Official Site