The next record is underway.  I’m producing and arranging (and probably mixing) an album for an artist named Guadalupe Pineda.  I met her on my trip to México.  She is a very well known AC artist in México and happens to be managed by the same man that manages Mijares and Yuri.  He manages three artists and now I produce all three.  Maybe he should manage me, too.   Hmmmmm…….  This is an independent album for her.  A beautiful collection of boleros.  A new adventure for me to be sure!


Tokyo Disneyland Halloween 2010

Last week was Christmas for Tokyo Disney.  This week it’s Halloween.  I’ve been asked to write one of the songs for their 2010 Halloween parade.  Halloween has turned out to be the biggest event of the year at Tokyo Disneyland.   This will be my 6th consecutive year or celebrating Halloween with my Japanese friends.  Boo!