After a couple weeks, we’ve finally finished recording vocals.  Alejandro Abaroa (Warner Mexico) co-produced the vocals with me.  We got most of them done during the week I was in Mexico, but there were a couple left to finish and Alex did them this week while I was in LA finishing up the production and getting ready to mix.  Yuri sang GREAT!  Everything is coming together better than I had imagined.  We start mixing next week.

The week in Mexico was great as well.  It was my first trip.  Alejandro and Cristina Abaroa took me to some fun places and I met a lot of their friends.  Highlights were a visit to Coyoacán, lunch with friends in San Angel, lots of fantastic food and a birthday party for the singer Emmanuel (a legend in the Latin music biz).  Here are a few pics from the trip.

Cristina and Scott at Coyoacán