Scott Erickson and Cristina Abaroa

Cristina Abaroa

All the way from Berklee to platinum records together, there is no singular person in my career that I’ve worked with longer or more closely.  We came up together in this wacky business and we are fortunate to be able to share and celebrate our many successes together.  She keeps us all going in the same direction and we’d be lost without her. Gracias, Chapis!

Charlie Morgan

Charlie and I met through Michelle Tumes and the husband (one of my best friends Doug Higgins).  I am forever in their debt for this introduction.  We’ve become very close friends and he plays on just about everything I do.  One of the finest drummers we’ve ever had – the only problem is he’s in Nashville and I’m in LA so we hardly ever get to see each other, but thanks to technology, we can continue the work and have a great time.  He makes everything feel better!

Rafa Sardina

Scott Erickson with Rafa Sardina

When my wife and I celebrated Thanksgiving in the first house we ever owned Rafa and his wife and Camara Kambon and his wife celebrated Thanksgiving with Camara’s family and then came to our house to celebrate it with us so that we wouldn’t be alone.  He’s that kind of guy!  We met when we were still both assistants and now get to work together on all of these great records (and he’s always got a great bottle of wine nearby – now THAT’s a great friend!).

David Rozenblatt

Scott Erickson and David Rozenblatt

David is one of those extraordinary musicians that transcends his instrument, or instruments in this case.  He is simply one of the finest percussionists and musicians I’ve ever met or worked with.  We really got to know each other well when we recorded Barry Manilow’s ‘In the Swing of Christmas’ record with David’s jazz trio (then named MAD Fusion, with Matt Herskowitz and Mat Fieldes).  Not only is David Barry’s percussionist, but he’s an exceptional jazz drummer.  In addition, he blew my mind when he invited me to the world premier of his first composition for the ballet.  Truly amazing!  He continues to amaze and inspire me and I’ll always have great percussion and a great hang whenever we can manage to be in the same town.

Didier Rachou

Didier and I met in an orchestration seminar and became fast friends.  Our children were born weeks apart and as I’ve grown in the record part of the business he’s been taking on film and television composing.   Once, on a visit to New York, Didier took me to do prep work in his father’s restaurant kitchen, La Cote Basque.  It was a thrill to be in the same room with the legendary French chef Jean Jaques Rachou and to work with him in his kitchen, if even for a couple hours.  Didier is wildly talented and a great friend.  I’m lucky to know him!

Ron Dante

When I was growing up and listening to Barry Manilow’s records in the 70’s and was busy studying names on credits, Ron Dante’s name kept popping up all over the place.  He co-produced some of Barry’s biggest hits with him and sang on most of them as well. When I finally discovered that he was the guy who sang ‘Sugar, Sugar’ as well, I was completely blown away.  Fast forward to 2007 when I was working on Barry’s ‘Greatest Songs of the 70’s’ album and Ron and I finally got to meet.  We became fast friends and have been working together regularly ever since.  He’s a seriously talented guy who always has a smile on his face and a pastry in his bag to share.  I’m so lucky to work with him!

Bill Schnee

Scott Erickson with Bill Schnee

What can I say about Bill Schnee?  He’s legendary in our business and I feel more than fortunate to be able to call him a friend, a mentor and my neighbor.  We first met in 1997 when I worked with Robbie Buchanan and through another set of circumstances and one of my early jobs at MCA, I even helped get him carpet for his studio – strange business we work in!  Bill’s work has been so important to me as a fan and as I’ve been growing into my producing career and I’m extremely grateful to him for his time, talent and friendship.

Marty Panzer

Scott Erickson with Marty Panzer

Marty is a true lyric genius.  I can’t think of another lyricist that can incorporate so much emotion into a fairly short set of words and make it rhyme to boot!  ‘Even Now’ is probably one of my very favorite lyrics ever.  And anyone who would dare to start a pop song with the words, “This one’ll never sell……” is someone we should all want to meet!   Brilliant, brave and my friend.  What could be better?!

Lena Ringstad

Everyone should have her do their website and pictures.  What else is there to say?!